Kulen Moutain National Park – Trekking For Environmental

Traveling gets very popular for most of the people around the world, at the same time we should consider the travel responsibilities to our environmental awareness. As we live up our life which relatively connected to the mother nature wherever you are, therefore due to one of the travel companies in Siem Reap, Tour By Scooter, we are delighted to be part of the natural protection in our areas, especially at the most spiritual tourist site, National Archeology Park (Kulen Mountain). We decided to be the first team to start this trekking for the environment a day from Preah Ang Chop to Preah Ang Thom which was around 10 kilometers to go and back. It was so much optimistic and embarrassed at the same time because there were so many rubbishes out there which we did not expect there much, but now it is much better.  Due to the fact that we stressed above, we pleased to contribute a message to other travelers that “It starts from individual behaving, we can change to be better for our nature”.

Let check out our activities of what have we done whist a day there. Getting exciting, tired, and joyful at the end of our mission for environmentally friendly.


Kulen Mountain is one of the popular destinations for tourists nationally and internationally. The Phnom Kulen mountain range is located km northward from Angkor Wat and it is major symbolic importance for Cambodia as a birthplace of ancient “Khmer Empire”. Most of the people believed and considered that it is a holy mountain of Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who came to the mountain in pilgrimage. It is in a mountain range called “Phnom DongRek” which extending 40 kilometers long with its highest point is 487 m and its height is quite regular, averaging 400 meters all along with the range. There are places like Preah Angkor Thom (a big Buddhist statue), 1000 lingas, and Chup Preah. It is a stream flowing into the mountain’s valley with those two waterfalls over there.

By seeing these beautiful and spiritual areas, it remains us that cultural and environmental views are our life so we have to do something to conserve it for the next generation to see. We know exactly that we cannot stop or change people’s behavior toward the environment in a day, but we can be a leading point or picture for the other people to see positive change first. I believe that you all want to visit somewhere without plastic or rubbish around so together we can do this by shaping up the ways of thinking consume the rubbish and manage to keep in a property bin, not just throw it around. Being a part of environmental conservation, we will understand that the way we live is a reflection of how we feel about the natural world, and that try our daily habits truly value all things surround us.

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What a hidden nature in the popular tourist site, beautiful flatting stone with the purity water flow above, a peaceful combination of sounding the water crashed the rock and birds sang made everyone could not think of getting back home. Though, it was hard to get there by walking slowing, jumping up and down crossing many big rocks and avoiding stuck the wine on our head with the slippery paths. We don’t think that it would be great to go there with some children because it can be very dangerous for them while showering or walking around. We were spending time there for almost 2 hours then prepared the stuff to get back. Unfortunately, I am the only person who got slipped on the flatting rock for two times and it was really hurt and scary to think back of falling there.

The next thing was to ask some people who sell foods there for the available sacks which we would buy to pack the rubbish, but they are very kind and gave us for free. Finally, we got around ten more sacks and hurries to walk back on the jungle trails with picking up the rubbishes that we already kept along the side then tied it up and hold it back down near the pagoda. It was quite quiet and a bit dark while we finished collecting it, but we have done it purposely with all our hearts. When we looked back, everyone wearing a confident smile of what they have done even though we all were out of energy for the whole day. It was a wonderful time and activity which we were really appreciated and proud to feel the power of teamwork.

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