Terms of Booking

TBS Booking Conditions

Before you book your activity with Tour By Scooter, you should check all the details about the tour and whether it is available. Bookings have required a minimum of 24 hours in advance. This is essential as it allows us to operate the tour on time. If you need to make last-minute we will do our best – please call us +(855) 93 328 306 or email us via hello@tourbyscooter.com

Payment Methods

Once you submit a booking form, we confirm your booking via email. Payment must be made in full when you arrive at our office or at our travel agencies. The payment is accepted in cash with US Dollar or Cambodian Riels. Unfortunately, we cannot take online payments at the moment.

Cancellation Policy

Booking cancellation is notified within 48 hours before the tour start. 1 day or day of departure cancellation will be charged without refundable. If the customer cannot be on time or in a case of missed pick up, please contact us: +(855) 93 328 306 or email us via hello@tourbyscooter.com immediately.

Personal Responsibility

Guests have applied to participate in our tours that involve adventure and other outdoor adventure sports, thus you acknowledge that the activities involve known and unanticipated risks occasionally, which could result in physical injury, paralysis or permanent disability, death, and property damage. Therefore, you represent that you have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage you may suffer or cause while participating in these activities, or else you agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage by yourself. Tour By Scooter has no responsibility for any losses or damages while participating with us.